Windows 9x Power Pack 4.0

15.12.2010 21:44

  Windows 9x Power Pack 4.0 е пакет включващ най-важните "кръпки" за Windows 98Gold/SE/Me.

    Windows 9x Power Pack includes:

  • All Unofficial Service Packs for 98 Gold, SE, And Windows Me.
  • MDGx's 98SE2Me
  • Tihiy's (re-release) RPLite v5, and instructions/zip for lameskin v6 preview.
  • 7-Zip
  • Windows Media Player 9.0 + Codecs
  • MDGx's Windows Media Player 10.0 for Win98SE
  • Xeno86's Kernel Update Project v0.2.7
  • Maximus Decim's NUSB, NUSB Decorator patches
  • Maximus Decim's MDAC update package
  • Maximus Decim's IE6.0 components update for Win98SE
  • Microsoft XML Update

and much more

home.png Home Page:
download.png Download: Windows 9x Power Pack 4.0 (214 MB) MD5: 47B1A26D8B272A2250FD5B73A2AD445B